Harmonic Drive Bearing in stock

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Harmonic Drive Bearing in stock

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Classification of cross-roller bearings for harmonic drive
Harmonic speed reducers have the characteristics of small size, light weight, high torque load, high rigidity, excellent positioning accuracy and rotation precision. Harmonic drive speed reducers' main components including wave generator, flex gear, ring gear, and cross roller bearing. The wave generator also contains thin raced ball bearing(flexible bearing).
According to the different structures, harmonic reducer output bearings are divided into the following types
1. CSF|CSG harmonic drive gear units bearing (outer ring integral outer ring split type)
2. SHF series harmonic reducer cross roller bearing (inner and outer ring integrated type)
3. CSD series harmonic reducer cross roller bearing (inner and outer ring integrated type)
BRS CSF-XRB series crossed roller bearing is specially designed for CSF|CSG harmonic reducer. It has high dimensional precision and can provide excellent running accuracy, high loading capacity and good sealing effect. With multiple precision holes on the inner and outer ring, CSF|CSG harmonic drive gear units bearings can be connected with working parts directly.
BRS Harmonic reducer bearing has a wide range of application in electronics industry, industrial automation, industrial robots, packaging machines, printing machines, and medical equipments because of its high precision, high rigidity and high transmission ratio.
CSF|CSG drive units crossed roller bearing models
ModelsDimension (mm)MountingMass
CSF14-XRB 55916.5492314.58-φ3.56-M46-M30.25
CSF17-XRB 621016.5562717.510-φ3.56-M56-M40.27
CSF20-XRB 701416.564322412-φ3.48-M68-M50.36
CSF25-XRB 852018.579423016-φ3.48-M88-M60.65
CSF32-XRB 1122622.5104554016-φ4.58-M108-M81.1
CSF40-XRB 12624/3224117685020-φ58-M108-M101.6
CSF50-XRB 15732/4031147846016-φ5.58-M148-M143.6
CSF65-XRB 21044/52391981108020-φ6.58-M168-M167.8
Product Details
*GCr15 bearing steel as raw material, finished products hardness 60~63, P5 precision, good sealing effect.
*High rigidity crossed cylindrical roller bearings with OD 55 ~ 210mm, customized structure and size available.
1.Before installation, please clean bearing bracket, shaft, or other components, make sure there is no burrs or rough edge.
2.Install the locating pin to output bearing
3.Install the Screw 1, then install the Screw 2.
4.Install the wave generator and related components.
Quality Control
BRS has strict QC management system, each piece of bearing will be inspected before delivery, and inspection report is provided together with products. We only choose material from reliable suppliers, and our production process is in full compliance with environmental standards.
Radial runout testHeight InspectionMounting holes testInspection ReportHarmonic Drive Bearing in stock
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