My pigeons dont fly for long, Why ?

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My pigeons dont fly for long, Why ?

Postautor: AlbertSalerno » 15 maja 18, 14:58


i am after some advice please, I have been keeping pigeons for a long while now, but they never seem to fly for long about 5 or 10 minutes round the house. I have had some good pigeons which have won at club and fed level, one of the cocks would sit on the roof all day but as soon as he went to a race he come like a rocket winning 8 1st clubs, 2nd fed and 1st sections in fed , and i had 1 hen she didnt leave the loft for 3 weeks and she won the fed form messac. I have had pigeons go missing when letting them out and never seen them again, and i always see a sparrow hawk, could this be the reason they are not flying. Would it be better just to train the pigeons and when they get home get them in. My friend who also keeps pigeons lives round the corner and his birds fly for hours. My birds are healthy, but they have been locked up all year, is it because they are not fit. I just dont know ? I dont race the 2 pigeons that topped the fed anymore. This message is really about my yearlings they just dont want to fly

Please help.

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