Has no one thought to keep pigeons

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Has no one thought to keep pigeons

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For those looking for a small animal to keep that produces a high powered fertilizer I say take a look at pigeons. Their manure is a horticulturalists dream manure. It is high in nitrogen, potasium and phospherous. It also sells at a higher price than any other manure out there. Pop it in your compost (however you compost) and it will work wonders for you. Each adult pigeon of normal sized breeds eats about an ounce of grain a day (though the Utility Breeds will eat more, being about the size of a bantaam chicken). Pigeons raise their own young, often with two different nests growing up at a time. Most of the care you must do as their keeper is feeding twice a day, changing water and setting out some bath water every other day for a short period, then clean out their housing of the manure once a week.

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