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People have ADIDAS CLASSIC formed the habit of watching the exciting events and at the same time they expect what will Nike say.Nike activity on micro blogging has earned a lot of attention, and ambush marketing gained remarkable results. What is called ambuscade marketing is that it is not formal sponsors, and it through all kinds of marketing means let its own trademark connect with game activities. For the reason that ambuscade marketing business man did not pay for sponsoring cost.

As a part of the Group's environmental protection strategy, Adidas promises to put better cottons into the use of one hundred percent products. Simon Cartwright added: "The 2012 ADIDAS SAMBA CLASSIC London Olympic Games let us set a new goal". "In the sustainable development domain, our progress will be accelerated with the help of it". "In the Olympic Games, we can see the process by ourselves". "Viewers ADIDAS SUPERSTAR FLORAL will have a look at the most exciting sustainable development products in the London Olympic Games' tennis match", said him.

Athletes can be assured that Adidas has taken possible efforts to maximize the sustainable development of promoting products. Furthermore, depends on its advanced technology, Adidas products' performance will not be affected.This year, Adidas did not introduce the new model called Adidas SUPERNOVA SEQUENCE. As for running hobbyists who have to participate ADIDAS SUPERSTAR GOLD in jogging trains in daily life.

SUPERNOVA SEQUENCE 4 will be the first selection since it was put onto the market as the "try to run for twenty-eight days" redemption activity's flagship model. SUPERNOVA SEQUENCE 4 not only put the high-end configuration of the whole running shoes technologies of Adidas and the no more than thousand Yuan together when made a contrast with the past SUPERNOVA series' running shoes with supporting function.

In the next place, Adidas is going to apply recycled materials so long as technology permits. The third thing is that all product categories will be prevented to adopt PVC by the perseverance of Adidas. At present, ninety-nine percent products do not ADIDAS SUPERSTAR GREEN contain PVC.Adidas would like to invest in sustainable cottons and it also supports and funds in "Better Cotton Initiative". This Initiative aims to improve the cotton industry's environmental footprint.

So when you are watch Murray or Tsonga play, you can be at full ease. Because waste bottles, such as beverage bottles as well as detergent bottles will be made into polyester shirts that will be provided for them to dress. It is very important for our athletes to wear products of sustainable development. It can be accounted that the sustainable Obrazek development is supported by a lot of athletes themselves.
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